“Customers come second, employees first. It’s a philosophy that brings unexpected benefits to both the company and its clients” – Richard Branson.

The sad reality is that most companies do not take employee training very seriously. They think that having an outdated rule book somewhere in the office suffices for explaining the nuances of their jobs to employees. This is unfortunately not ideal, and studies show that employees who feel that they are not developing in their workplace are 12 times more likely to quit their jobs. The problem is that companies view training their employees as an extra, unnecessary expense and not an investment. Unfortunately, they end up paying for it in terms of low productivity and poor turnover.

It is clear that companies need to step up and go above and beyond what their employees deserve at best. Investing in your employees is a great business opportunity, here’s why:

It gives your company a solid reputation in the marketplace

It’s no secret that every company want to attract the most talented individuals in their industry. However, no serious jobseeker would apply for a job at a company where employees are treated as disposable assets. Employees want to step into their work environment, knowing that their growth and values will be promoted. Millennials are not afraid to quit their jobs if they experience a lack of learning and growth opportunities, and they’re not shy to leave a bad review on social media on their way out either. Therefore, it is critical for your business’s reputation to cater to your employees’ basic need for education.

Happy employees leads to even happier customers:

Employees that are engaged in the company will help you establish a better relationship with your customers because they have the company’s best interest at heart. Employees are the ones that interact with your customers on a daily basis. Therefore, how they feel and communicate with the customers project a more precise representation of your business than all your marketing efforts combined.

Extended employee life-time value:

Employee engagement increases brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is a vital aspect when it comes to success, with businesses focusing on improving customer lifetime values. But employee lifetime value is even more critical. If you lose employees a lot, it will have substantial repercussions in terms of training new staff members, costs and lost skills. As such,  you have to do everything in your power to extend the lifetime value of your employees and ensure that they are being well looked after. We believe the best way to do so is by investing in their upskilling and continual learning. Furthermore, we believe that companies must not only invest in their employees, but also make them part of decision making processes and the business’s growth story.

If you are interested and passionate about investing into your employees’ education, contact us today to find out how we can help you. We would love to assist and help your employees utilize their full potential!