Researchers have been researching online learning for more than a decade and how to make the online learning experience as flawless as possible for online learners. Based on this research, we have compiled some top tips for you on how to provide meaningful, targeted online lessons that improve learner engagement and helps students to achieve the best that they possibly can. We list some of the best practices regarding online learning that will add value to your learners’ experience:

Don’t try to replicate a physical classroom

Online learning is the most effective when learners are genuinely engaged and participate in active learning. There is no use replicating subpar traditional experiences online. Consider transcending the conventional lecture model to leverage technology and fundamentally transform the learning experience into one in which all students have a much higher likelihood of success.

Help students take charge of their learning

An excellent online teacher is someone who checks in with his or her students regularly to coach them on self-directed learning activities and provide targeted interventions. It’s not necessarily someone who tries to cover the most amount of content in the shortest amount of time. Due to specific digital tools, teachers can monitor their pupils’ activity and progress. The most rewarding thing about being an online lecturer is if your students can tell you what they are learning, why they are learning it, and where they are going next with their learning. The most effective online learning experiences allow students to describe their goals and standards.

Promote connection, not isolation

The online learning experience can quickly leave students feeling isolated from the outside world and their fellow students if the course is implemented poorly.

Communications technologies have advanced in ways that radically improve our ability to connect across time and space, and you must make use of them to communicate with your students properly. Bringing additional supports, real-world expertise, and increased guidance are all fundamentally human endeavours. You need to make use of the available digital tools to humanise the online learning experience.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, more schools and universities are online than ever before. This could be a learning opportunity for schools and colleges to test what works the best for their students, learning and developing the best practices around online education and personalised learning.

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