Students, like toddlers chewing small bites at a time, perform much better when they receive learning material in short, digestible doses. Microlearning is all about providing learners with tiny bits of training material that they can comprehend quickly. Microlearning is quite the opposite of the traditional schooling method, where learners had to memorize multiple textbooks, often overwhelmed by large amounts of irrelevant information. Microlearning is more effective and has higher engagement rates even though it is less time-consuming.

The most common characteristics of micro learning are as follows:

  • It is performed in short time bursts.
  • It is compiled out of individual learning sessions, that requires little effort to complete.
  • The study material is simple and easy to comprehend.

Now that you have a better understanding of what microlearning is, you might wonder how eLearning benefits from it. Here’s how:

1. Allows learners to be highly engaged:

Because of the simplistic nature of eLearning, lessons are shorter and more specific to the subject at hand. Lessons are generally between five to ten minutes long. Therefore learners don’t feel fatigued afterwards. Learners can run through lessons quickly. Once students have a basic understanding of a topic, they can move on to the next subject. Shorter specific modules that meet a particular objective is more effective than 45-minute lectures which discuss three or four different modules in one lesson.

2. Better comprehension of subjects:

Microlearning aims to address one learning objective at a time. Therefore it is easy to comprehend what action needs to be performed to achieve the desired learning outcome successfully. When microlearning methods like games, short quizzes and videos are implemented into the eLearning course, it makes the sessions highly effective, because students can easily comprehend the subject at hand.

3. Mobile friendliness:

Microlearning allows companies to put their training material in front of learners quickly by making it accessible to them on their mobile devices. Mobile delivery methods, like mini-games or activities, are unique to smartphones. Not only will learners enjoy these activities, but they can do it whenever, where ever – even during their daily commute to and from work.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, microlearning is also a key delivery mechanism. Any organisations that are interested in upskilling their employees quickly and effectively can benefit from microlearning methods.

Now that you know what microlearning is, why don’t you try it out for yourself? Contact Adoctus today to see how we can help you to create robust possibilities for your company with bite-sized training modules.