The amount of time you spend at work takes up from a third to even half of your day, depending on different schedules – which is a significant chunk of time to spend on any sort of activity. Being said, the time spent at work can greatly influence us as individuals and also shape the remainder of what is left – purely by the type of environment you find yourself in on a daily basis.

In essence, a positive or negative work environment can largely shape various aspects, starting at productivity, mindsets, teamwork and even the general success of a project or business venture. Cultivating positivity within the workplace is an invaluable asset, which affirms the worth and value of each employee, contributes towards a happy and positive mindset and boosts employee engagement. Unfortunately, several businesses choose to look past it and rather focus on driving results irrespective on the emotional well-being of their employees. In this article, we elaborate on the vital influence, impact and importance of a positive work environment, discussing various benefits associated with it:

Higher productivity

Research supports that a positive work environment spurs and nurtures business growth.  Highly motivated employees tend to be extremely goal orientated and focused on desired results, focusing on elevated standards and reaching set targets.

Improved efficiency

Feeling good at work and enjoying it inspires employees to perform at their best and is excellent for boosting efficiency within the workplace. Instead of being caught up in work politics or experiencing negative energy which might interfere with task efficiency, more effort can be spent on completing projects timeously.

Increased collaboration

A positive work environment promotes teamwork and collaboration between employees. Not only are employees more satisfied with their circumstances at work, but it also leads to co-workers encouraging, supporting, and helping each other. Interpersonal relationships between colleagues improve, thus strengthening internal communication.

Earned recognition

Employees love having their efforts recognized and acknowledged, especially when they have excelled at their work and put in a ton of effort into ensuring the success of a project or business venture. Praising employees forms part of a positive work environment, as it spurs each other on to perform at their best.

Reduced stress levels

Underperformance within the workplace is often caused due to stress and anxiety. It often leads to health complications and unfortunate ailments which impacts overall work attendance, productivity, and efficiency.

Better Mindset

A happy employee can turn out to be one of your biggest assets within a company. They boost productivity, assist with a positive atmosphere in the office and set a shining example for others around them.