Learning Management System (LMS) Software for Small Business


Owning a Small Business is not easy and staying relevant in a world where everything is going digital has its own challenges.

A Learning Management System (LMS) can be a great decision that allows your company to streamline training and catapult growth.

The Adoctus Learning Management System (LMS) software equips Small Businesses with the tools to create, manage and deliver content intended for educational courses or training programs. Besides content creation, LMS software facilitates administrative, tracking and reporting activity.
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises can benefit just as much as large Organizations, or even more! Using Adoctus requires less time and resources compared to in-person and outsourced training, which is perfect for tight budgets.

Employee On-Boarding

An LMS can help you to get your new hires up to speed in just a few days. And because a good start is half the work, they will profit from it their whole career with your company and can up skill themselves.


Employee Training

The Adoctus LMS is fundamental to effectively give your staff the knowledge they need to excel and therefore essential for reducing your workload.


Customer Training

Help your clients get the most out of your product. By giving them (constant) education and product updates they will experience all the benefits and helps with customer retention.

Adoctus (LMS) Software is Perfect for Your Business

The Adoctus Learning Management System (LMS) is a software you can use to deliver and manage employee learning content. For most business, the Adoctus LMS is a critical piece of the learning puzzle. It gives your business the power to monitor employee progress and streamline the entire learning experience.


Ready-to-Go LMS Platform

Adoctus is a Ready-to-Go Learning Management System that does not need to be installed or customized and is available instantly.


Web & Mobile

Adoctus works on both Web and Mobile and is available instantly to your Employees and Customers without needing App Store approval.


Show Your Brand

Put your brand, colours and logo on in a few clicks which makes it your own LMS to use without worrying about Servers and Hosting.


No IT Knowledge Required

We will assist you with everything from start to finish and you don’t need to hire a Developer or know anything about software or IT systems.


Cloud Based LMS

Adoctus LMS is cloud based which means it is always available and fast to use. All you require is an Internet Enabled Smart Device.


Available Training Material

We have a wide range of Readily available Training material that will benefit not only yourself, but your employees and your customers.


Cost Effective

We understand tight budgets in an evolving world and we cater for all company sizes and have a package to suite your budget and requirements.


Putting You in Control

With detailed reports, user management, user engagement and behavior tracking, you have full control over your LMS environment from start to finish.


24/7 Human Support

We value relationships with people and believe in building long-term business and our support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

The BEST Learning Management System (LMS) Software for SMEs

Adoctus is an end-to-end solution and we believe that everyone should focus on their strong points. We will handle the technology, the infrastructure and support while you focus on building business relationships.

An LMS that is Easy to Use

Adoctus is an easy-to-use LMS without the hassle that comes with big clunky systems. Since we host all of the content in the cloud, getting set up doesn’t require a big implementation project or technical skills. Moreover, our intuitive system means that anyone in your organization can get up and running with the tool in no time!

Marketing Leaders in LMS Technology

Adoctus vision aims to provide virtual products that are both innovative and disruptive in the E-learning industry. We strive to offer the most up-to-date features in order to best serve our clients and outpace our competitors.

Centralized Learning Environment

Adoctus allows you to organize all of your training materials in one place and to share your training materials in a fully branded environment, and create groups of learners based on job role or location. Instead of searching through a collection of random Word documents, folders, and hard drives, your employees can spend their time on what matters: learning.

We Handle Tech, You Handle Business

Adctus is an end-to-end solution and we believe that everyone should focus on their strong points. We will handle the technology, the infrastructure and support while you focus on building business relationships.

Together, we become Leaders in Digital Transformation!