eLearning has been absolutely dominating recently, especially since the outbreak of Covid 19. eLearning has so much to offer, that conventional learning methods are struggling to compare. Online courses with certificates upon completion is readily available to anyone, anywhere, at any time; It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Are there any flaws in this seemingly flawless concept?

At Adoctus we are firm believers that anything in eLearning can be done better and more effectively than any other conventional training method. If your eLearning content is built correctly, it can and will work more effectively than any training material you have utilized previously. We have experienced that eLearning is more interactive and captivating than traditional learning methods; eLearning is taking the world by flood and we would love to share with you as to why!

eLearning is one of the most structured forms of learning that has been invented up to date

Right out of the gate eLearning methods implemented linear structures – this simply means that students start with subject “A”, when they’re done, they proceed to “B”, then “C” and so forth. This is similar to text book set ups and provides students with the ability to follow their study material as if they were reading a book. Most eLearning modules are compiled to include table of contents, and moving forwards or backwards between modules are made possible with the click of a button.

We love eLearning because it stimulates students to recall prior knowledge of the subject before them. This adds to the structured nature of eLearning, because no time is wasted on topics that your students are fully confident in. Instead, it allows learners to concentrate on modules that they don’t fully understand yet. Course instructors can provide pre-assessments and challenging scenarios in the courses to challenge students’ thinking abilities.

eLearning provide course instructors with the opportunity to regularly update course material. This ensures that online courses are always relevant, and makes it more structured than traditional learning material, which quickly becomes outdated. Assignments are also continually aligned with the objective of relevant courses.

It’s clear to see that eLearning is revolutionary and most definitely a top choice when it comes to structured training methods. However, it depends on the ability of course instructors to create relevant, useful and informative modules that follow on one another, and to not over complicate course material. Instructors also has the responsibility to keep course material up to date at all times; This will help learners to move forwards, instead of learning the same thing over and over again.

At Adoctus we pride ourselves in partnering with the best course instructors who develop the most outstanding material for all students to utilize to their benefit. We are extremely passionate about learning and only endorse the very best in order to ensure that success is inevitable. If you have any questions as to how we could assist you, please contact us today!