Traditional learning methods might cater for the masses, however, unfortunately, not all students excel when faced with these methods – irrespective of how long they have been around or how consistently they have been used. Education is constantly changing, hence giving us the means to be able to make lessons more unique, interactive, interesting and engaging.

Interactive Learning is explained as: “Interactive learning is a hands-on/real life approach to education founded upon building student engagement through guided social interaction.”

Not only does this method of learning assist with problem-solving but it also strengthens critical thinking and creates an encouraging space for students to put practical skills to use. This is where technology has made a major impact – offering several platforms and methods to create equally effective ways for students to learn and understand accordingly. Below, we explore and discuss several benefits related to interactive learning:

Better Retention Rates

It has been proven that in most cases retention rates have been greatly affected by die level of engagement related to a subject. The more engaged and engrossed a learner find themselves relating to a project or task, the easier it will be for them to recall the knowledge they build up during this time. Several interactive factors such as gamification, recognition, award systems and multi-media aspects can contribute towards remolding an ordinary task into something that is highly engaging, memorable and enjoyable.

 Improved Motivation

One of the biggest issues when it comes to learning is having or finding the motivation to succeed – or even pass, especially if it is something you struggle to understand. By making use of technology and the necessary means to make the task at hand fun and enjoyable, it also motivates learners to engage more – for instance playing video games, streaming videos, interactive video chatting, etc.

Enhanced Learning Environment

Modern technology caters for new and improved learning environments – such as making use of an LMS (Learning Management System). On this platform, you have the opportunity to learn at your own pace, as well as interactively being shown how to do accomplish something and not just reading instructions. This creates a more custom and effective learning environment for learners, instead of one mass-produced method of getting information across.

Positive Reinforcement

E-Learning Platforms and Learning Management Systems provide learners with interactive and engaging ways to learn, such as completing a quiz with the opportunity to go through the answers straight afterwards, receiving feedback and discussing the answers with a tutor or teacher. Being able to learn interactively, grants students the ability to understand what they are busy learning much easier, instead of having to wait for results. By making use of certificates and badges, it also bestows a sense of accomplishment upon learners, making them feel good about their achievements.