Keeping customers satisfied plays a major role in the profitability of businesses. If there’s one delay in a support ticket, customers won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere. With a multitude of competitive options available to consumers, businesses are faced with the challenge of keeping their customers retained.

If you are struggling with customer retention, it might be because of problem points encountered while using your product or service. These points are completely preventable with customer retention and product training.

Before we dive into how small businesses can use eLearning for customer retention, let’s have a look at what customer retention is: Customer retention refers to all the measures that companies has to take to reduce customer defections. The goal of customer retention is to use customer and brand loyalty to retain as many customers as possible.

This is where eLearning comes in handy. Rather than using a mishmash of customer retention strategies, compile an efficient eLearning strategy to upskill your employees in customer retention. Shifting your staff members’ focus to customer retention is extremely efficient, because they will learn how to interact with customers that has already engaged with your brand in one way or the other. Customer retention is a very successful business model, and is the key to sustainable growth.

More important, companies are finding that customer profitability tends to increase over the life of a retained customer, so effective customer retention eLearing strategies is a worthwhile. Be sure to add the following nuggets to your online training modules:

  • Train employees to build relationships with customers in a way that fosters their trust.
  • Teach employees how to take extra care of customer needs and issues, so that long-term relationships can be built.
  • Encourage employees to personalise services for an improved customer experience – make their experience personal to strengthen their bond with your brand.

It goes without saying that employees won’t be able to practice proper customer service if they don’t have an excellent breath of knowledge about the businesses products or services. Therefore customer retention and product training goes hand in hand. Training your employees on both of these matters will be profitable for your business and will help you to capitalise on customer experiences.