One of the realities that we have to face after the Covid-19 outbreak took the world by storm, is the fact that the virtual world has taken over. The traditional methods of in-person training and teaching have mostly been replaced, with e-learning developers grabbing the opportunity to step up to the plate.

Below we discuss Learning Management Systems and features deemed absolutely necessary to succeed. Firstly, what is a learning management system?

A learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs, that enables companies and educational institutions to create and manage lessons, courses, quizzes and other training materials.

What ideal characteristics should an E-learning platform have?

Tracking & Analytics
The registration and tracking of a student’s progress is essential to correct the shortcomings that students present immediately. If you do not track skills development, certifications and course completion, you do not have any baseline for measuring performance. An analytic tool helps measure the effectiveness of the learning program as well as the teaching effectiveness. It will provide detailed insights into the learning pattern of each student. Teachers need this report to get actionable information.

Asynchronous learning
One of the best features for improving engagement and knowledge retention is asynchronous learning—the ability for learners to complete course work at their own pace. Ideally, the LMS platform should allow the instructor to upload as much content as required, with students having the freedom to complete the course at a pace they find comfortable.

Test & Assessments
It is vital to understand where your students stand regarding abilities and skill sets in order for you to design the most effective and successful e-learning course. An LMS should provide an online exam builder feature that lets the instructor create multimedia tests in different formats to assess the performance of learners. It should also be able to generate comprehensive test reports and scorecards to analyze the performance of learners.

Adding game features to your courses and training programs adds the ability to engage learners, maintaining interest and motivation, speed them through the modules, and increase compliance.

Mobile Learning
An LMS should include seamlessly incorporate learning and content management on mobile devices. A mobile learning solution for both Android and iOS devices that lets learners access course content directly from their smartphones and tablets is extremely helpful, especially as a lot of people do not have access to PC’s or Laptops. When your LMS features mobile capabilities, including responsive design or native mobile apps, learners can participate in training from any location using whatever device they do own. This is especially helpful for certifications that require learning outside of the work day.

White Label
An LMS should allow users to customize the LMS platform, providing the option to change the look of the platform, based on the institution’s branding. An institution would want a platform which offers a touch of personalization. Just like all the learning resources provided by an institute has their logo over it, similarly, the learning platform must also incorporate their brand image/logo and color palette. It gives the students a sense of belonging, rather than using a third-party tool and creates brand awareness for the institution making use of the LMS. Therefore, it is highly advantageous making use of a vendor who can provide a white-label platform, which you can customize as per your liking.

User Interface
It is essential for an LMS to have an interface that is easy to use. The icons and text should be clear and legible. Teachers and students must be able to navigate through the app smoothly, finding relevant learning resources and course material without any form of hassles or difficulties.

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