Facial Analysis Behaviour Tracking

Facial Analysis Behaviour Tracking tracks your behaviour while you learn to give complete insight and overview of your behaviour while watching a video.


4K & HDR Video Support

With the Adoctus platform, learn with high-quality video formats, play up to 4k and HDR videos.


Facial Recognition Easy User Login Authentication

The modern form of secure authentication used to access the accounts. Creates an easy, secure 2FA authentication login.


Teachers Trainers Profile Linked Courses

Display all courses and lessons related to the teacher or trainer in one place and see which teacher/ trainer is responsible to ensure a smoother engagement.


White Label

Create a white label solution, applying your brand logo, colours, fonts, icons, even a custom URL; this makes it a completely custom platform.


Auto Buffering Tool Detecting Internet Speed

Test real-time internet speed that is used and playback and buffer according to the connection speed provided by the ISP to ensure perfect playback without the buffering.


Auto Quiz Marking Management

Adoctus automatically marks a quiz related to courses and lessons and gives marks and feedback on the selected quizzes.


Categories Management

Create and Manage course and lesson categories or sub-subcategories. In short, create the perfect structure you need for your platform.


Certificates Management

Manage all the digital certificates, including the creation, edits and assignments of certificates to selected courses and lessons.


Courses Management

Create, manage and edit a variety of courses along with creating material for both the student and teacher as well as setting quizzes and assignments.


Custom URL

Create a unique, Custom URL for your white label Adoctus portal, easy to setup, for example, eLearning.companyname.com.


Events to Course Management

Create, manage and edit public or private events, manage locations, venues and linking events to courses is optional.


Assignments Management

Assign and manage e-learning courses and resources efficiently, track the record of students and view all performance statistics


Achievement Badges Management

Used to create badges and certificates. Courses are available to learn more about Achievements Management Performance Badges.


General Analytics Reporting

Provide analytics, insight and reports, view or export all the users – the company – or the financial data, making this easy for any auditing.


Grading Management

Easily manage all grading of students (edit, delete, create, update) and create a report according to the performance



Individual Course Analytics Reporting

Manage the reports of individual course data, including starting and ending time of the individual course as well as behavioural tracking.


Individual Events

Create and manage individual public or private events, locations, register / enrol sign up forms make it easy for engagement.


Individual Trainers Teachers Management

Manage courses, assignments assigned to the teacher/trainer, interact via messages, comments with the students.


Lesson Complexity Management

Manage all lessons and complexity for the lessons and courses. Create complexity levels to indicate how easy or difficult the course might be to complete.


Lessons Management

Manage all lessons that involve identification of lessons, duration, introduction and related quizzes and assignments.


Questions Management

Manage all questions that are used relating to a course or lesson, create, edit, and delete questions. Keep track of time management and number of retakes.


Quizzes Management

Manage all quizzes that are related to a course or lesson, create, edit and delete quizzes. Create questions and correct answers.


Payment Options

Safe and Secure payment options. Use your credit/debit card or do an instant eft.


Split Payment Gateway

Multiple payment methods include all major cards, instant eft, splitting a payment up to 100 ways instantly. Adoctus can also integrate other payment gateways.


Admin Dashboard

Administration Dashboard provides different information including financials, students and course overviews and statistics.


User Dashboard

After logging in, displaying a short overview of all student details, courses, assignments, related news and updates for easy navigation.


User Profile Include History Tracking Badges Certificates

Display personal data of the user profile including all details, performance, certificates, badges, history and many more.


Automatic EOT Time

Manage courses and lessons EOT (Extensions of Time), make a course or lesson only available for a selected period and expire on the selected date.

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